Buenos Aires

Useful Information

Most people in Buenos Aires use Remises, they are safer than taxis and have a stable price to go from one place to another, you order them by phone and they'll pick you up when needed.

You should definitely visit the following Barrios (neighborhoods)

Recoleta, the Cementerio de la Recoleta (Junín 1760, Recoleta. Open daily from 7 a.m.) is hugue and beautiful, situated in the center of the city, it is where a lot of important Argentinean rest. One of the most famous one being Evita Peron.

Puerto Madero, one part is also called 'Faena District', it's the newest and most modern district in BA. Lots of new restaurants and even an Art Center (Faena Arts Center).

it is a very nice & clean area with tall buildings. when going there you should definitely pay a visit to the Faena hotel (designed by starck) and it's cabaret where you can have a drink while watching a show. Also the famoust bridge by Calatrava "woman" is there.

San Telmo, you should definitely go to the Feria San Pedro Telmo (Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo. Open Sundays from 10 a.m.), it's one of the must do in BA, even though it is very crowded. Also their are very nice restaurant in the area.

La Boca, go have lunch in one of the famoust parilla (restaurant list) see the show at Fundacion Proa and walk around the 3-4 blocks of that 'colonial' & touristic area.

Palermo, All the boutique shops are in Palermo Viejo, if you go to one shop they give you a free map of the area with the shops (their are 3 different ones: for clothes, for design shops and for restaurants).

there is also a famous fly market, Mercado de las Pulgas (Niceto Vega and Dorrego, Palermo Viejo. Open daily from 10 a.m.)


Farinelli, Market Food

Arroyo 900, Retiro. +54 11 4328 7998

    Monday - Saturday, 8am-8pm. Great option if in the area.

Basa, mediteranean

Basabilbaso, Recoleta.

   Very cool restaurant and good food. Was previously a flower market

Casa Cavia, Bar & Grill

Cavia 2985, Palermo

   Hip, cool and good

Mishiguene, Bistro - cocina Judia

Lafinur 3368 (y Libertador), Palermo

    Hip - Cool and Delicious!

Fayer, Mediteranean meets Israeli food

Av. Cerviño 44178, Palermo. +54 11 4774 3313

Don Julio, Argentinian classic

    Guatemala 4699, Palermo.  +54 11 4832 6058

La Mar, peruano

Arevalo 2024, Palermo (esq. Nicaragua)

    Very good food in a great setting

Niño Gordo, Argentinean meets Japonese food

Thames 1810, Palermo. +54 11 2129 5028

    surprising -in a great way- mix!

Tegui, Eclectic

Costa Rica 5852, Palermo Hollywood. +54 11 5291 3333

    Beautifull, romantic, eclectic food. Expensive.

Osaka, Peruvian Japonese

Soler 5608, Palermo. +54 11 4775 6964

    Hip. Delicious sushi. Expensive.

La Mar, peruvian

Arevalo 2024, Palermo. +54 11 4776 5543

   Very good food in a great setting

Orilla restaurante,

Montañese 2585, Belgrano. + 54 11 4784 6900

    beautiful deco and great food and drinks. New

Patagonia Sur, Tradicional Argentine Cuisine

Rocha 803, La Boca. +54 11 4303 5917

    One of BA’s best kept secrets

Cafe Rivas, Argentinian Brasserie

Estados Unidos 302 (esq. Balcarce), San Telmo. +54 11 4361 5539

   Great place, small, amazing food. ideal for weekend lunch, also nice for dinner

Caseros / Napoles / Club Social / The Pizza / Hierba Buena / La Popular

Avenida Caseros, between Defensa & Bolívar in San Telmo

    If in the area of San Telmo, this is a must go - 1 street block - as it gathers lots of diverse restaurants, all beautifully ambianced.

Croque Madame, French

Ave Libertador 1902, Palermo. +54 11 4806 8639

    Beautiful patio in the outside of the decorative Museum.

    Great place for aperitifs and lunch

Best for Coffee - Drinks - Bars

Birkin, Coffee Bar

Republica Arabe Siria 3061, Palermo. +54 11 4843 7470

    The best coffee in Buenos Aires and amazing cakes

Bar presidente

Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 188, Recoleta. +54 11 4811 3248

    Hip but loud. Smoking sector inside.

Floreria Atlantico

Arroyo 882, Recoleta. +54 11 4313 6093

    Beautiful small place with signature cocktails


Arevalo 2030, Palermo. +54 11 2101 4897

    Bar decorated like a NY subway


Parana 1048, Barrio Norte.

    Trendy Bar, in a petit hotel with garden. A beautiful place that also works as a restaurant, but the food is not outstanding. Recommended for aperitifs.

Dada, Argentine

San Martin 941, Micro Centro. +54 11 4314 4787

    Small place. The bar is a scene at night. A BA tradition.

Thames 878

Thames 878, Palermo.

    Hip. Classy. Very good Cocktails


Uriarte 1658, Palermo.

    Hip. Trendy bar, next door to Casa Cruz, same owner.

    you go in and pay in advance for your drinks, they give you casino coins...

Confiteria La Ideal

Suipacha 384, MicroCentro. +54 11 5265 8078

    Witness the tango tradition

Café Tortoni (www.cafetortoni.com.ar)

Avenida de Mayo 825, Micro Centro.

    Oldest café of Bs.As. Used to be a place of intelectuals. Lectures are held during the week.


MALBA (www.malba.org.ar)

Av Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo Chico. 4808 6500

    Wednesday - Monday, 12pm-8pm. Closed on Tuesday

MNBA, Museo Nacional Bellas Artes (www.mnba.org.ar)

Ave del Libertador 1473, Recoleta. +54 11 4803 8814

    Tuesday - Friday, 12.30-7.30pm. Saturday-Sunday, 9.30am-7.30pm

Centro Cultural Recoleta (www.centroculturalrecoleta.org)

Junin 1930, Recoleta. 4803 1040

    Tuesday - Friday, 2pm-9pm. Saturday & Sunday, 10am-9pm

MODERNO, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (www.museomoderno.org)

San Juan 350, San Telmo. 4361 1121

    Tuesday - Friday, 11am-7pm. Saturday & Sundays 11am-8pm. Closed on Mondays.

Fundacion Proa (www.proa.org)

Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca. 4303 0909

    Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-7pm. Closed on Monday.

Where to Stay

The cool areas to stay are either Palermo (Viejo, Soho, event Hollywood) or Recoleta.

Puerto Madero is really nice, but maybe less convenient.

Home Hotel (www.homebuenosaires.com)

Honduras 5860, Palermo Hollywood. +54 11 4778 1008

    Divine small boutique hotel with 17 rooms. Vintage european wallpaper, pool + little garden.

El Jardin Escondido (www.coppolajardinescondido.com)

Gorriti 4746, Palermo Soho. 501.824.4085

    Francis F. Coppola Boutique Hotel. Only 4 rooms

Palacio Duhau – Park Hotel (buenosaires.park.hyatt.com)

Av. Alvear 1661, Recoleta. +54 11 5171 1234

    Beautiful hotel, central. Expensive. Also great place for food & drinks.

Alvear palace Hotel (www.alvearpalace.com)

Avenida Alvear 1891, Recoleta. +54 11 4804 2100

    A classic, lots of locals go to the Orangerie restaurant for breakfast, lunch or tea.

Faena Hotel + Universe (www.faenahotelanduniverse.com)

Martha Salotti 445, Puerto Madero. +54 11 4010 9000

    Philippe Starck design.